Subsidiary of Huazhong Numerical Co
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  • Logistics Business Division

    Factory Logistics System,AGV,stereoscopic warehouse

    Assembly Business Divison

    3C industry production line,utomotive component

    Glass Business Divison

    Complete set of equipment for glass industry,Palletizing workstation

    Software Business Division

    Data collection and analysis,MES /WCS /WMS Integration Solutions


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  • 2019-07-08
  • Jin Ming Technology in Guangzhou Battery Show has been a strong crowd2017-12-19
    From August 16 to August 18, Jinming Technology participated in the 2nd Asia Pacific Battery Expo in Guangzhou in conjunction with the latest technologies and equipment. At the same time, the forum on "Power Battery Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing" held at the forum presented "Intelligent Power Battery Modules and PACK Line "keynote speech, won numerous media and industry attention.
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